Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending with a Bang, November and December


No greater gift to me could be given to me on November 3rd.  All else is pale in comparison.

Deneki Outdoors gave me the opportunity to write for them and this post came out when he was 2 days old...what timing it was.  If you haven't read "letter to my son"  take a read here

FYI, he's already throwing 60 ft with a single hander.  Two handers come next

OMR and I ended the month by sneaking away after thanksgiving for our traditional day a field.

While he might or might not have backed over his gun, the action was eventful on this snowy day.  His gun still worked fine


As my son continued to grow like a tank, my outdoor time is and was limited.  That's completely ok and expected, but it does make a days gift of fishing that much sweeter.  Thanks go to my completely understanding wife for a hall pass to the Big River, where our year outside began

Time again to break out the big rod, the big tips and the big bugs like this one above.

And fish with this dude...odd huh?

Put on your woolies, cause this shit's not for the light of heart.  Stand all day in a river that's near freezing and people think your crazy.

Nope...not us. 

For our boys on the Fly Fishing Degenerate's just normal.

Here's to a mind blowing 2010 and to looking forward to an even better 2011

Thanks for reading and coming back to Chucking Line and Chasing Tail

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