Monday, December 27, 2010

A Year in Pictures, March and April....

And so the year continues.


We made the pilgrimage that ever steelheader must do to feel whole.  Fishing the rain forest is a transcendent experience, that is for sure.  Besides my saltwater trips, this trip was looked forward to more than anything and it did  not disappoint.

I thought I knew what steelhead where like before this trip.....

Nope, I was wrong.  I didnt but now I do.  Cant wait to go back.

We finished the month in Portland with family.  OMR version 2.0 (Uncle Larry) showed us a thing or two about Columbia River Springers.  Yes, they taste amazing.


Things were a bit quite for us our steelhead were months off, rivers were starting to crest a bit in the spring runoff and lakes began to be our only options.

Our spring finally had come and the carp flats of our local lakes had begun to fill with fish with nasty thoughts on their minds.  A few still wanted to eat.

One more trip to Portland allowed us the opportunity to cross another river off my list, the Sandy.  That river looks like it was made for Steelhead.

Next up, May and June

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