Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Synergistic Worlds of Beer and Fly Fishing Collide, Silver Bow's Hooks and Hops Night

Put together my favorite topic, my favorite drink and my favorite bar in town

Jack. Pot.

January 19th, come join the crew for Silver Bow Fly Shop's second annual Hooks and Hops Night here in Spokane.  Last year was a blast, and we're anticipating another great event

Why venture out on a Wednesday in ass cold January?  Here are my top 5 reasons

1.  The generous folks at the Bow are buying your first beer.  Mmmmm, beer.

2.  The beer selection at Far West is legit. 

3.  With this many fly fishermen in a room, the level of bullshit being thrown around is unparalleled

4.  Take a peek at the giveaways.  Umm, yes please

5.  Beers....damn, that's a repeat

See you there!

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