Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tegan Vs Steelhead

Marty and Mia Shepard of Little Creek Outfitter's are giving their daughter Teagan an amazing gift.

Love for the Outdoors.

My childhood mirrors a lot of what Miss Teagan experiences, but this little lady is a river veteran well before I ever was.   If you read their blog, you will continually see that their daughter is always along for the ride.  Down the John Day, even in Baja, her parents are doing the right thing and not leaving her with the babysitter all the time

So in summary, good on you Mr and Mrs Sheppard......and

I bet she never spends times with video games.  I'd put money on that

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  1. Thanks Millsy for the compliment. We don't own any video games but occasional a game of pinball in restaurant is fair game. Cheers!