Monday, August 20, 2012

This Sticker Eats Your Sticker for Lunch...

One of the perks of the trip to Reno is that all the vendors let the stickers flow like wine. 

Stickers are like Olympic pins to dorky fishing bloggers.  They attract us like flies.

This Gucci monster came courtesy of El Guapo himself, who put this little blogger right under his wing and introduced me to a metric ton of people at the show. 

My apologies for no frame of reference on the size of this window art, but it's a solid 5 times bigger than anyone else's sticker.

Patagonia brought home 4 best of show awards at IFTD and lets just say they were pretty damn happy about it.

Check back here in short time as we will be posting some of the other great sticker swag that found it's way back to the five oh nine.

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